68Ga-FAPI-46 Dosimetry Summary of Mean Absorbed and Effective Doses Using OLINDA/EXM

OrganDose per injected activity (mGy/MBq)Effective dose per injected activity (mSv/MBq)
Adrenals5.60E−03 (8.12E−04)2.80E−05 (4.04E−06)
Brain4.59E−03 (6.12E−04)2.29E−05 (3.06E−06)
Breasts4.55E−03 (6.47E−04)2.28E−04 (3.23E−05)
Gallbladder wall5.62E−03 (8.53E−04)
Lower large intestine wall5.72E−03 (6.96E−04)6.86E−04 (8.33E−05)
Small intestine5.48E−03 (6.37E−04)2.74E−05 (3.20E−06)
Stomach wall5.32E−03 (7.25E−04)6.38E−04 (8.69E−05)
Upper large intestine wall5.47E−03 (6.97E−04)2.74E−05 (3.50E−06)
Heart wall1.11E−02 (1.26E−03)
Kidneys1.60E−02 (4.60E−03)7.98E−05 (2.29E−05)
Liver1.01E−02 (7.96E−03)5.05E−04 (4.00E−04)
Lungs5.02E−03 (7.09E−04)6.02E−04 (8.48E−05)
Muscle4.96E−03 (6.54E−04)2.48E−05 (3.27E−06)
Ovaries5.76E−03 (6.91E−04)1.15E−03 (1.38E−04)
Pancreas5.69E−03 (8.49E−04)2.84E−05 (4.24E−06)
Red marrow7.08E−03 (1.00E−03)8.49E−04 (1.20E−04)
Osteogenic cells9.38E−03 (1.30E−03)9.38E−05 (1.30E−05)
Skin4.41E−03 (6.33E−04)4.41E−05 (6.33E−06)
Spleen6.96E−03 (2.76E−03)3.48E−05 (1.39E−05)
Testes4.88E−03 (6.69E−04)1.15E−03 (1.38E−04)
Thymus5.10E−03 (6.40E−04)2.55E−05 (3.21E−06)
Thyroid4.84E−03 (5.72E−04)2.42E−04 (2.85E−05)
Urinary bladder wall4.83E−02 (8.55E−03)2.41E−03 (4.27E−04)
Uterus9.54E−03 (5.36E−03)4.76E−05 (2.67E−05)
Total body5.82E−03 (1.18E−03)7.80E−03 (1.31E−03)
Total body dose for 200 MBq1.16 mGy (0.24 mGy)1.56 mSv (0.26 mSv)
  • Data are mean followed by SD in parentheses for 6 patients. Effective doses in ovaries and testes are equivalent because of use of hermaphroditic adult phantom weighting. Gallbladder wall and heart wall effective doses are not available based on ICRP radiation weighting factors. Nonpooled OLINDA/EXM reports, including β and photon contribution to total dose, are available in Supplemental Table 3.