Volumetric Sensitivities, Amount of Penetration, and Lowest NRMSE for the designs investigated

SystemsVolumetric Sensitivity (x10-4) and Amount of penetration in parenthesis (%)Total Number of Detected Counts for S2 (x106)Lowest NRMSE values over iteration for S2
Dual-headedParallel-hole (Two LEHRs on PhilipsForte)1.295.5
Knife-edge3.67 (15.7)15.610.333
Keel-edge (h=0.375 mm)2.72 (9.9)13.690.332
Keel-edge (h=0.75 mm)2.94 (8.3)12.520.332
Keel-edge (h=1 mm)2.35 (8.1)11.920.333
Keel-edge (h=1.125 mm)2.54 (8.1)11.560.333
Keel-edge (h=1.5 mm)2.18 (8.2)10.80.336
Keel-edge (h=1.875 mm)2.8 (8.7)10.020.338
Keel-edge (h=2.25 mm)3.21 (9.1)9.260.340