Demographics and Clinical Characteristics of Study Patients

SexAge (y)NET typeTracerPeptide (μg)Ki-67 indexPrevious surgeryHistory and previous therapyMetastasesOngoing therapy
F67pNET/NEC (glucagonoma)TOC/TATE23/233%SSA, streptozotocin-fluorouracil, PRRT, transformation to NEC and carboplatine-etopsideLiver
F63SI NETTOC/TATE17/291%Primary tumorLiver trpl 1999 because of cyst diseaseLiver, mesenteric lgl
M67SI NETTOC/TATE18/301%Primary tumorLiver, mesenteric lglSSA
M50SI NETTOC/TATE20/3318%Primary tumor mesenteric lgllLiver, mesenteric lgl, retroperitoneal lgllSSA
M64pNECTOC/TATE26/2530%Avastin, temozolomideLiver
F73pNETTOC/TATE22/223%Streptozotocin-fluorouracilLiver, abdominal lgllSSA
M57SI NETTOC253%SSAAbdominal lgll, mesenteric lglSSA
M53pNET (malignant insulinoma)TOC183%Primary tumorStreptozotocin-fluorouracil, SirtexLiver, mesenteric lglEverolimus
F72pNET (MEN-1, gastrin-producing)TOC15No biopsyRetroperitoneal lgll
M51pNETTOC223%Primary tumorRetroperitoneal lgll
M74SI NETTOC231%Mesenteric lgll
M50SI NETTOC474%Liver, mesenteric lgl, peritoneal carcinomatosisSSA
F*52SI NETTOC255%Liver, mesenteric thoracic neck lgll, bone, breast, ovarySSA
F69SI NETTOC279%Liver, boneSSA
F47SI NETTOC419%Liver, mesenteric lgl, abdominal and retroperitoneal lgllSSA
M72Rectal NETTATE1330%Liver, pararectal lgll
F69SI NETTATE2212%Liver, peritoneal carcinomatosisSSA
M67pNETTATE817%Liver, abdominal lgll, boneSSA
M75Rectal NETTATE1410%Liver, abdominal lgll, peritoneal carcinomatosis
F*53SI NETTATE165%Primary tumorLiver, abdominal lgll, bone, breast, lungSSA
F58Duodenal NET (gastrinoma)TATE223%Primary tumor liver resection, RFLiverSSA
F75Atypical lung NETTATE396%SSA
  • * Same patient.

  • pNET = pancreatic NET; NEC = neuroendocrine carcinoma; TOC = 68Ga-DOTATOC; TATE = 68Ga-DOTATATE; SSA = long acting somatostatin analog; PRRT = peptide receptor radionuclide therapy; SI = small intestine; trpl = transplantation; lgl = single lymph node; lgll = multiple lymph nodes; Sirtex = transarterial liver embolization with 90Y-spheres; MEN-1 = multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1; RF = radiofrequency ablation.