AQARA Requirements for Radionuclide-Based Images in Medical Journals

FeatureSpecific requirement
Intensity-scale barShow for each figure
Indicate unit and upper and lower window settings
Prefer absolute units:
 Use biologic parameters if available (e.g., rate constants, metabolic rates, binding potential)
 If not, use activity concentration (e.g., SUV, Bq/mL, %IA/cm3)
Minimally, include relative units (e.g., percentage of maximum)
Background subtractionAvoid
If unavoidable, clearly indicate in scale bar:
 Keep bottom of scale bar at “0”
 Set subtracted fraction of scale bar to background color
Image displayUse same window settings for all figures
Accompany fusion images (SPECT/CT, PET/CT, PET/MR) by corresponding stand-alone SPECT or PET images
Limit cropping
If cropping is applied, show corresponding uncropped, full-field-of-view image
  • %IA/cm3 = percentage of injected activity per cubic centimeter of tissue.