Analysis with Regard to Type of Primary Tumor

Primary tumorAlive (n)Dead (n)Alive (%)Mean age at diagnosis (y)Median survival (mo)
NET of pancreas41225.059.3 (SD, 11.9)42 (95% CI, 23–107)
NET of small bowel6940.058.1 (SD, 10.6)125 (95% CI, 30–NA)
NET unknown primary2250.059.8 (SD, 10.4)NA (95% CI, 75–NA)
NET of lung1325.065.8 (SD, 5.9)49 (95% CI, 8–NA)
NET of rectum1233.367.0 (SD, 17.0)115 (95% CI, 20–NA)
Reticulum sarcoma, glomus tumor020.058.5 (SD, 20.5)51.0 (95% CI, 23–79)