Table 3

Multiple Cox Regression Modeling for All-Cause Death After Revascularization Within 90 Days After PET

ParameterPHazard ratio95% hazard ratio confidence limit
Sex (male)0.08181.5340.947–2.482
Age (y)<0.00011.0781.055–1.102
MI distant > 3 mo0.07681.4910.958–2.32
MI recent < 3 mo0.75810.80.194–3.303
Prior PCI0.51991.1350.771–1.671
Prior CABG0.03131.551.04–2.311
Coronary calcium0.99051.0060.4–2.528
Relative stress MQA0.10420.9810.959–1.004
Stress flow MQA0.13271.010.997–1.024
CFR MQA0.14330.6670.388–1.147
CFC severe (blue)0.05030.6210.385–1.001
PCI/CABG within 90da0.01590.4020.192–0.843
  • MQA = minimum quadrant average for each perfusion metric in the distribution of each coronary artery.