Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of 251 Patients

CharacteristicNo. of patientsRangePercentage of patients
Median age at PET/CT (y)7048–86
Further treatment
 External radiation after radical prostatectomy11043.8
 Antihormonal treatment7429.5
ADT within 6 mo before imaging6023.9
Gleason score
Pathologic primary tumor staging (pT)
Pathologic regional lymph node staging (pN)
Positive margin
Median initial PSA level (ng/mL)10.90.6–250
Salvage radiation therapy before PET/CT11043.8
Median time between surgery and PET/CT (mo)571–321
Median last PSA level before PET/CT (ng/mL)1.20.2–228