Correlation Between Tumor PET Imaging Parameters and Histologic–Biologic Characteristics of Breast Cancer

SBR grade (I–II vs. III)<0.001*0.002*0.040NSNSNS
Body mass index (cutoff, 30)NS0.023NS0.002*0.033NS
Histologic type (ductal vs. lobular)0.041NSNSNSNSNS
HER2 overexpression (yes vs. no)NS<0.001*<0.001NS<0.001*<0.001*
HR status (positive vs. negative)<0.001*0.0220.014NSNSNS
  • * Statistically significant, using Bonferroni critical P value (multiple-comparisons corrections), calculated at 0.005.

  • SBR = Scarff–Bloom–Richardson grade; NS = not significant; HR = hormone receptor.

  • Data are P values obtained with Mann–Whitney test. Age, T stage, lymph node involvement, and menopausal status did not significantly correlate with tumor imaging characteristics.