Univariate and Multivariate Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Model of Predictors of OS

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Baseline variableHazard ratio95% CIPHazard ratio95% CIP
BSI (per 1-unit increase)1.0521.02–1.090.0031.0421.003–1.0830.035
Extent of skeletal disease
 6–20 metastases (vs. <6)1.0920.36–3.310.876
 >20 metastases (vs. <6)1.4270.56–3.640.457
 Superscan (vs. <6)2.350.78–7.090.130
Lymph node metastases* (yes vs. no)1.260.71–2.250.432
Opioid use (yes vs. no)1.5620.87–2.820.139
PSA (μg/L) (per 10-unit increase)1.011.00–1.02<0.001
ALP (U/L) (per 10-unit increase)1.0011.00–1.010.058
LDH (U/L) (per 10-unit increase)1.0211.01–1.03<0.0011.0181.01–1.03<0.001
  • * Defined as enlarged lymph nodes (>3 cm) visualized on baseline CT of thorax and abdomen.