Published Studies with PET-Adapted Therapy in HL

StudyDesignPatient populationnPET after“Positive” equivalent toPET-negative therapyPET-positive therapyMedian follow-upOutcome
Radford RAPID 2015 (5)RCTStage IA–IIA nonbulky5713×ABVDDS 3–5IFRT or NFT1×ABVD+IFRT60 mo3-y PFS PET-neg: IFRT 94.6% vs. NFT 90.8% (intention-to-treat analysis); IFRT 97.1% vs. NFT 90.8% (per-protocol analysis)
3-y OS PET-neg: IFRT 97.1% vs. NFT 99.0%
3-y PFS PET-pos: 87.6%
André H10 2017 (6)RCTStage I–II supradiaphragmatic1,9252×ABVDDS 3–51×ABVD+INRT or 2×ABVD (favorable); 2×ABVD+INRT or 4×ABVD (unfavorable)1×ABVD+INRT or 2×BEACOPPesc+INRT (favorable); 2×ABVD+INRT or 2×BEACOPPesc+INRT (unfavorable)4.5 y5-y PFS PET-neg: INRT 99% vs. NFT 87.1% (favorable); INRT 92.1% vs. NFT 89.6% (unfavorable)
5-y OS PET-neg: INRT 96.7% vs. NFT 98.3% (favorable); INRT: 92.1% vs. NFT 89.6% (unfavorable)
5-y PFS PET-pos: ABVD+INRT 77.4% vs. BEACOPPesc+INRT 90.6%
5-y OS PET-pos: ABVD+INRT 89.3% vs. BEACOPPesc+INRT 96.0%
Johnson RATHL 2016 (7)RCTStage IIB adverse features, III–IV1,1192×ABVDDS 4,54×ABVD or 4×AVDBEACOPP-14 or BEACOPPesc41 mo3-y PFS PET-neg: ABVD 85.7% vs. AVD 84.4%
3-y OS PET-neg: ABVD 97.2%; AVD: 97.6%
3-y PFS PET-pos: BEACOPP 67.5%
3-y OS PET-pos: 87.8% PET-pos
Engert HD15 PET substudy 2012 (10)RCTStage IIB+adverse features, III–IV with PR&>2.5 cm residual mass1,5786× or 8×BEACOPPesc or 8×BEACOPP14DS 3–5NFTRT4-y PFS: 92.6% PET-neg; 86.2% PET-pos
Press S0816 2016 (13)Ph IIStage III–IV3362×ABVDDS 4,54×ABVD6xBEACOPPesc39.7 mo2-y PFS: 81% PET-neg; 64% PET-pos; 98% 2-y OS
Zinzani HD0801 PET2-pos 2016 (12)Ph IIStage IIB–IV1032×ABVDDS 3–5Not applicable4×IGEV+BEAM ASCT or melphalan allograft27 mo2-y PFS PET2-pos: 81% PET4-neg; 76% PET4-pos; 97% 2-y OS
Borchmann HD18 PET2-pos 2017 (16)RCTAge 18–60 y; stage IIB+adverse features, III–IV4402×BEACOPPescDS 3–5Not applicable6×BEACOPPesc or R-6BEACOPPesc33 mo3-y PFS PET2-pos: BEACOPPesc 91.4% vs. R-BEACOPPesc 93.0%
3-y OS PET2-pos: BEACOPPesc 96.5% vs. R-BEACOPPesc 94.4%
  • RCT = randomized clinical trial; ph II = prospective phase II study; IFRT = involved-field radiotherapy; NFT = no further treatment; neg = negative; pos = positive; INRT = involved-node radiotherapy; RT = radiotherapy; IGEV = ifosfamide, gemcitabine, and vinorelbine; BEAM = carmustine, etoposide, cytarabine, and melphalan; ASCT = autologous stem cell transplantation; R-CHOP = rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone; PR = partial response.