Rate of Recurrent Disease, Persistent Disease, and Death after 131I Therapy in Intermediate-Risk Patients

Population1.11–1.85 GBq≥3.7 GBq*P
All patients (n = 225)24% (20/85)28% (39/140)Not significant
T3N0-X (n = 97)21% (9/43)20% (11/54)Not significant
T1–2N1 and T1–2N0 with aggressive histology (n = 54)21% (4/19)26% (9/35)Not significant
T3N1 (n = 74)30% (7/23)37% (19/51)Not significant
  • * No mean or median was given. Similar results were presented for remission, biochemical disease, and metastatic disease for the first therapy.