Indications and Management Impact of First 3 Scans

Indication no.Clinical indicationNo. of scansNo change in managementChange in managementUnknown
18F-FDG PET/CT for diagnosis of tumor recurrence
 1Prior clinical suspicion of tumor recurrence6921 (30.4)47 (68.1)1
 2Prior rising tumor markers or abnormal laboratory tests suggesting tumor recurrence269 (34.6)17 (65.4)0
 3Prior suggestive imaging (CT or MRI) for tumor recurrence13853 (38.4)84 (60.7)1
 4Prior indeterminate or suggestive PET/CT scan for tumor recurrence6245 (72.6)17 (27.4)0
18F-FDG PET/CT before starting therapy for tumor recurrence
 5Restaging after confirmation of tumor recurrence357 (20.0)28 (80.0)0
 6If extent of disease will alter therapy or if a new baseline was needed before change in therapy3516 (45.7)19 (54.3)0
18F-FDG PET/CT to assess therapy response for tumor recurrence
 7Therapy response assessment of recurrence321235 (73.2)82 (25.5)4
 8Intratreatment assessment of recurrence163142 (87.1)21 (12.9)0
 9Follow-up scan to assess the previous equivocal response2018 (90.0)2 (10.0)0
Follow-up 18F-FDG PET/CT after completion of treatment for tumor recurrence
 10Follow-up for stable disease3329 (87.9)4 (12.1)0
 11Follow-up for disease progression4417 (38.6)26 (59.1)1
 12Follow-up of disease in remission or per clinical trial protocol307256 (83.4)46 (15.0)5
 13Unknown/clinical notes unavailable460046
Total1,299848 (65.7)393 (30.4)58
  • Data in parentheses are percentages.