Factors Affecting Survival

OS*Disease-free survival*
VariableEventsHR (95% CI)PEventsHR (95% CI)P
Menopausal status
 Yes6/189.7 (1.1–84)0.0356/185.4 (1.0–28)0.040
Glucose metabolic response (ΔSUVmax cutoff = −50%)
 Good metabolic response2/2012/201
 Poor metabolic response5/203.1 (0.6–16)NS5/203.0 (0.6–16)NS
BF response (ΔBF cutoff = −30%)
 Good BF response1/2011/201
 Poor BF response6/209.6 (1.1–84)0.0376/209.2 (1.1–80)0.040
Type of surgery
 Mastectomy4/164.7 (1.0–22)0.0464/163.3 (0.8–14)NS
Histologic response
 Non-pCR7/267/266.7 (0.8–57)NS
Histologic response + BF response (cutoff = −30%)
 Non-pCR and good BF response1/101/101.4 (0.3–20)NS
 Non-pCR and poor BF response6/136/1313 (1.5–116)0.017
  • * Univariate Cox proportional hazards model (patients with unknown variables were not included in the model).

  • Tumor size (>5 cm), American Joint Committee on Cancer staging, lymph node involvement, history of pregnancy, Scarf–Bloom–Richardson grading, tumor architectural differentiation, nuclear pleomorphism, number of mitosis, SUVmax1, BF1, and the SUVmax1/BF1 ratio were not associated with OS. Data in parentheses are 95% CIs.

  • HR = hazard ratio; NS = nonsignificant (P > 0.05); NC = not calculable.