Characteristics of All 121 Sites and the Subset of 82 Sites Performing Pediatric Nuclear Medicine

All 121Subset of 82
Location of hospital
 Rural (population, <30,000)32.5%22.5%
 Suburban (population, 30,000–500,000)5747.9%3948.2%
 Urban (population, >500,000)5949.6%4049.4%
Hospital type
 Community hospital, nonteaching2722.3%1214.6%
 Community hospital, teaching6251.3%4554.9%
 Large academic hospital3125.6%2429.3%
 Government-affiliated hospital10.8%11.2%
Affiliated with medical school?
Residents in hospital?
Medical students in hospital?
No. of physicians in nuclear medicine department
 Total1217.1 (11.46)827.9 (10.87)
No. of nuclear technologists in nuclear medicine department
 Total1018.0 (5.73)798.4 (5.86)
No. of nuclear medicine studies annually
Nuclear medicine studies on children performed at hospital?
No. of nuclear medicine studies on children annually
 Total72189.0 (389.39)71191.5 (391.57)
Familiarity with doses recommended by 2010 guidelines?
Familiarity with Image Gently or “Go with the Guidelines”?
Any imaging protocol altered because of guidelines?
  • n indicates number of respondents, and data are expressed as percentage or as mean followed by SD in parentheses.