Regional Variation in the 5 Procedures Most Commonly Performed on Pediatric Patients

RegionMost commonSecond most commonThird most commonFourth most commonFifth most common
AsiaBone (31%)Thyroid (13%)Renogram (11%)99mTc-DMSA (11%)Hepatobiliary (11%)
Australia/New ZealandBone (29%)Renogram (23%)99mTc-DMSA (20%)Thyroid (7%)Meckel (6%)
EANMRenogram (27%)Bone (22%)99mTc-DMSA (22%)123I-MIBG (8%)Meckel/RNC (6%)
Japan99mTc-DMSA (21%)Renogram (15%)Brain SPECT (13%)Bone (12%)67Ga (9%)
Latin AmericaBone (30%)Renogram (25%)99mTc-DMSA (15%)
North AmericaBone (27%)Renogram (19%)123I-MIBG (15%)99mTc-DMSA (11%)Thyroid (7%)
South AfricaRenogram (29%)Bone (21%)Gastroesophageal reflux (17%)
  • RNC = radionuclide cystography.

  • In Latin America, 6 types of procedure were tied at 5% each as the fourth and fifth most common.