Patient Characteristics

CharacteristicPatient 1Patient 2Patient 3
Age62 y66 y51 y
Myeloma typeIgG κLC κLC λ
Disease duration*18 mo53 mo59 mo
Sites of EMDSoft tissue, testisLN, leptomeningesLN, pleura, soft tissue
Previous chemoTxPAD, pom, dex, carfilzomibPAD, pom, dex, lenalidomideVCD, PAD, revlimid, pom, dex
Previous autologous Tx1 time3 times3 times
PreTx dosimetry238 MBq 177Lu199 MBq 177Lu212 MBq 177Lu
Mean kidney dose1.02 Gy/GBq 177Lu0.93 Gy/GBq 177Lu0.48 Gy/GBq 177Lu
Kidney dose maxV1.39 Gy/GBq 177Lu1.08 Gy/GBq 177Lu2.9 Gy/GBq 90Y est
Mean liver dose0.38 Gy/GBq 177Lu0.79 Gy/GBq 177Lu0.62 Gy/GBq 177Lu
Tumor dose maxV3.3 Gy/GBq 177Lu9.5 Gy/GBq 177Lu4.9 Gy/GBq 177Lu
Tx15.2 GBq 177Lu23.5 GBq 177Lu6.3 GBq 90Y
Mean kidney dose0.57 Gy/GBq 177Lu0.50 Gy/GBq 177Lu2.2 Gy/GBq 90Y est
Mean liver dose0.37 Gy/GBq 177Lu0.56 Gy/GBq 177Lu1.7 Gy/GBq 90Y est
Tumor dose maxV3.5 Gy/GBq 177Lu3.0 Gy/GBq 177Lu11.3 Gy/GBq 90Y est
ResponsePR on 18F-FDGNACR18F-FDG
  • * Time from primary diagnosis to endoradiotherapy.

  • Including novel agents.

  • LC = (immunoglobulin) light chains; EMD = extramedullary disease; LN = lymph nodes; Tx = therapy; PAD = bortezomib, doxorubicin, dexamethasone; pom = pomalidomide; dex = dexamethasone; VCD = bortezomib, cyclophosphamide, dexamethasone; est = estimate based on pretherapy kinetics (nephron-protection unconsidered); PR = partial remission; NA = not applicable; CR = complete remission.