Comparison of KVIC Values for Ampoule and Mock Syringe Geometries for 18F and 68Ge

Nuclide, geometryKVIC (pA·MBq−1), present studyKVIC (pA·MBq−1), previous work
68Ge, ampoule10.04(5)10.04(3)*
68Ge, mock syringe10.00(5)10.00(5)
18F, ampoule10.31(4)10.36(4)
18F, mock syringe10.24(4)10.29(9)
  • * On the basis of the reported value of 10.12(3) pA·MBq−1 and corrected for differences in measurement geometry.

  • Adjusted unpublished value by −4% to reflect change in 18F.

  • Data are as measured in present study and as reported in Fitzgerald et al. (1) (for 18F) and Zimmerman and Cessna (3) (for 68Ge, denoted SSIC in that reference). Value of KVIC for 18F mock syringe was previously determined during experiments reported in Zimmerman and Cessna but was not included in the paper. Uncertainties are quoted as combined standard (k = 1) uncertainties. Details of uncertainty analysis are given in text (for present studies) or in appropriate reference.