Clinical Evaluation of Interrater Agreement and Individual IQ Parameter Rankings

Highest-ranked reconstruction (% of cases)Lowest-ranked reconstruction (% of cases)
ParameterScorer 1Scorer 2Scorer 1Scorer 2Agreementĸ (95% confidence interval)P
Overall IQB400 (87%)B400 (73%)OSEM PSF (100%)OSEM PSF (100%)Moderate0.43 (0.30–0.55)<0.001
Background liverB500 (93%)B400 (73%)OSEM PSF (100%)OSEM PSF (100%)Moderate0.60 (0.47–0.72)<0.001
Background mediastinumB500 (93%)B400 (87%)OSEM PSF (100%)OSEM PSF (100%)Moderate0.55 (0.42–0.66)<0.001
Background marrowB500 (93%)B500 (53%)OSEM PSF (100%)OSEM PSF (100%)Substantial0.72 (0.61–0.82)<0.001
Noise levelB500 (93%)B500 (47%)OSEM PSF (100%)OSEM PSF (100%)Moderate0.60 (0.47–0.71)<0.001
Lesion detectabilityB200 (67%)B200 (73%)OSEM PSF (53%)OSEM PSF (67%)Moderate0.59 (0.45–0.70)<0.001