Clinical and Histopathologic Characteristics of Patient Population

Initial diagnosisTreatment course before B/I therapyBefore B/I therapyPFS/OS analysis
Patient no.SexAge at initial diagnosis (y)Tumor locationTumor typeKPS*No. of recurrences during treatment courseSurgeryRadiation (Gy)ChemotherapyTumor typeKPS*PFSOSrOS
1F53R/TGBM IV902(0)MTR (1, 2)MTR(0)60(0)TMZ (1)TMZGBM IV704.881.95.4
2M37R/TGBM IV903(0)MTR (1, 3)MTR(0)60(0)TMZ (1)SUT, (2)TMZGBM IV602.745.73.6
3M60L/PGBM IV1002(0)MTR(0)60(0)TMZ (1)TMZGBM IV705.4AliveAlive
4M63L/PGBM IV802(0)PR(0)60(0)TMZ (1)SUTGBM IV801.818.26.5
5F69R/TGS IV902(0)MTR(0)60(0)TMZ (1)SUTGS IV504.323.35.9
6F46L/FODG III–IV903(0)PR(1, 2)MTR(0)− (1, 2)60(0)PCV (1)TMZsGBM IV HISTO809.950.410.9
7M37R/F-TAA III1002(0)MTR(1)MTR(0)60− (1)CaelyxsGBM IV HISTO607.4113.68.4
8M60R/F-PAA III1001(0)SB(0)60(0)TMZsGBM IV MRI604.316.46.1
9F62L/PAA III601(0)PR(0)60(0)TMZsGBM IV MRI50No progressAliveAlive
10M44R/FAA III903(0)PR(0)60(0)PCV (1, 2)TMZsGBM IV MRI90No progressAliveAlive
11M33L-R/FOA II1005(0)PR (1, 4)MTR− (1, 2)60− (3)PCV, (4)TMZsGBM IV HISTO703169.54.1
  • * Karnofsky Performance Status (KPS) at initial diagnosis and before B/I therapy.

  • Extended field.

  • R = right hemisphere; T = temporal; (0) = primary tumor; MTR = macroscopic total resection; (1) = first recurrence; (n) n recurrences until death/evaluation; TMZ = temozolomide; SUT = sunitinib; L = left hemisphere; P = parietal; PR = partial resection; GS = gliosarcoma WHO IV; F = frontal; ODG = oligodendroglioma WHO III–IV; Caelyx = anthracycline; SB = stereotactic biopsy; OA = oligoastrocytoma WHO II.

  • At initial diagnosis, histology was confirmed in all 11 patients. Before B/I treatment, histology of sGBM was confirmed in 3 of 6 cases (HISTO); 3 cases were diagnosed by MRI (MRI).