Factors Influencing Intraoperative Sentinel Node Detection

ParameterSignificant factorsNonsignificant factors
Number of sentinel nodes visualized intraoperativelyNumber of sentinel nodes on planar images (P <0.001)*Age*
Number of sentinel nodes on SPECT/CT (P <0.001)*Learning curve*
Gleason sum score (P = 0.03)*Tracer dosage*
Previous treatment
N-stage (node positivity on pathologic examination)
Detection of preoperatively identified sentinel nodes (SPECT/CT)Detection on planar images (P < 0.001)Age
Location of sentinel node (P < 0.001)Learning curve
 Pelvic (obturator fossa): 85% detectedTracer dosage
 Paraaortic and common iliac§: 100% detectedPrevious treatment
 Inguinal: 64% detectedPresence of tumor in node
 Presacral: 75% detectedTumor characteristics (T-stage, Gleason sum score, PSA)
  • * Pearson correlation.

  • Student t test.

  • χ2.

  • Fisher exact test.

  • § All sentinel nodes cranial to crossing of ureter over common iliac artery.