Elements of PET Report and Findings of Review

Number of reports with element…Percentage with element present, if applicable
ElementPresentAbsentNot applicable
Reason for study clearly stated?*10474058.4
Type or site of cancer stated, if applicable?*154121292.8
Treatment history described, if applicable?*55695444.4
If yes, date of last treatment given?283411645.2
Radiopharmaceutical name reported?1708095.5
Administered activity reported?16612093.3
Route of administration reported?12355069.1
Time from injection to imaging (or time of injection and time of imaging) reported?9286051.7
Body region scanned reported?16315091.6
CT characterized as nondiagnostic vs. diagnostic?83722353.5
Statement indicating whether oral contrast was used?481032731.8
If yes, type/drug name given?31516016.7
If yes, dose given?41515921.1
Statement indicating whether IV contrast was used?411122526.8
If yes, type/drug name given?3317250.0
If yes, dose given?4117380.0
Statement indicating whether comparison was made with prior PET or PET/CT study (studies) or indicating that no prior studies are available?54124030.3
If yes, type of prior study (studies) identified?29714280.6
If yes, date of prior study (studies) identified?34314191.9
If yes, change from prior study (studies) described?27914275.0
Statement indicating whether comparison was made with other prior non-PET imaging study (studies)?8196145.8
If yes, type of prior study (studies) identified?760102100.0
If yes, date of prior study (studies) identified?72410294.7
Is the PET study reported as abnormal?*13642076.4
If yes, location, extent, and intensity of abnormal 18F-FDG uptake described?*13144397.0
SUV or SUVs reported?97374472.4
Abnormal PET findings correlated with other imaging results, including concurrent CT for PET/CT?124134190.5
Incidental CT findings described (for PET/CT)?99582163.1
Clinical indication for study clearly addressed?9979055.6
Interpretation of findings provided rather than just restatement of findings?145221186.8
Differential diagnosis provided?481102030.4
Need for follow-up or additional studies described?51126128.8
Documentation of communication of study findings to referring MD (or surrogate)?417402.2
Blood glucose reported?§7999044.4
  • * Element required under coding system of World Health Organization, which has designated National Center for Health Statistics as responsible for coordinating disease classification in United States (describes diagnosis, which in turn supports medical necessity or reason why test was performed).

  • Element required under coding system of CMS for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System level II codes (radiopharmaceuticals and supplies).

  • Element required under coding system of American Medical Association for Current Procedural Terminology level I, II, and III codes (level I describes procedure performed).

  • § Element required under coding system of CMS for clinical laboratory improvement amendments (regulates all laboratory testing, except research, performed on humans in United States).