Published Studies Examining Long-Term SSEs with Single-Dose RAI

StudyNo. of patientsMethod of preparationStudy designFirst ablation with 131I, median dose range (MBq)Salivary gland toxicity (%)Dose-response relationshipFollow-up duration (mo)Chronic symptoms
Solans et al. (11)79HypothyroidProspective925–18,500 (25–500)33Yes3615% at 36 mo
Hyer et al. (12)76HypothyroidProspective2,960–8,695 (80–235)26Not reported1220% at 12 mo
Edmonds and Smith (22)258HypothyroidRetrospective2,960–8,510 (80–230)10?Unknown
Hoelzer et al. (23)2,376HypothyroidProspective999–11,988 (27–324)6.79*YesUnknown
  • * Time since RAI ablation not stated.

  • Data in parentheses are millicuries.