Clinical Data for 15 Patients

PatientAge (y)SexHistologic diagnosisLocationOverlap of maxima*
151FAstrocytoma of WHO grade IIIR, frontotemporal2
229MAstrocytoma of WHO grade IIL, postcentral2
337FOligoastrocytoma of WHO grade IIIR, frontal2
434MGBM of WHO grade IVL, temporoparietal2
539FGBM of WHO grade IVL, frontal2
657FAstrocytoma of WHO grade IIIL, frontal1
754MAstrocytoma of WHO grade IIIL, frontal1
838MAstrocytoma of WHO grade IIL, frontoparietal2
923FOligoastrocytoma of WHO grade IIR, occipital2
1024FAstrocytoma of WHO grade IIIL, frontal2
1178MGliomatosis cerebriR, temporal1
1243MGBM of WHO grade IVR, temporal1
1366MGBM of WHO grade IVL, temporal2
1459MGBM of WHO grade IVR, frontal2
1543MOligoastrocytoma of WHO grade IIR, parietal2
  • * Overlap of maxima = estimation of overlap between area with maximum 18F-FET uptake and area with maximum changes in corresponding Cho/tNAA ratio maps: 2 = 100%–50% overlap; 1 = <50% but more than no overlap; 0 = no overlap.

  • R = right hemisphere; L = left hemisphere.