Impact of 18F-FDG PET on Diagnostic Understanding and Management*

ImpactExpert 1 (%)Expert 2 (%)
18F-FDG PET led me to choose therapy that, in retrospect, was not in best interest of patient.2.52.5
18F-FDG PET led to investigations I would not otherwise have performed, but this did not harm patient.2.50.0
18F-FDG PET was of no influence in my diagnosis and choice of treatment.7.515.0
18F-FDG PET provided information that substantially improved my understanding of this patient's disease but did not alter my choice of treatment.27.517.5
18F-FDG PET led to better diagnosis and to beneficial change in management.60.065.0
  • * Adapted from Wittenberg et al. (1517).