Metastases in Nodes Other Than That with Highest Radioactivity

Lymphatic basinHottest node*Metastatic node*Relative to hottest node (%)Order of harvestingStatus
Axilla1,3561,20088.40Second of 3PATH+/RT-PCR+
Parotid683450.00Second of 2PATH−/RT-PCR+
Axilla83232238.70Second of 3PATH+/RT-PCR+
Axilla45516035.10Third of 4PATH+/RT-PCR+
Axilla90030033.30Second of 3PATH+/RT-PCR+
  • * Ex vivo counting rate measured intraoperatively with handheld γ-probe; counts/10 s.

  • PATH+ = PATH-positive; PCR+ = PCR-positive.

  • In these patients, presence of metastasis would have been missed if only hottest node had been harvested for analysis.