Summary of Previous Publications Using 82Rb and Stand-alone PET (Not Hybrid) or Hybrid PET/CT Scanners

ReferencePatients (n)ScannerSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
Go et al., 1990 (15)135Stand-alone PET9582
Stewart et al., 1991 (16)81Stand-alone PET8584
Grover-McCay et al., 1992 (17)31Stand-alone PET9186
Simone et al., 1992 (18)225Stand-alone PET8391
Williams et al., 1994 (19)287Stand-alone PET8788
Bateman et al., 2006 (1)85Stand-alone PET86100
Sampson et al., 2007 (20)102PET/CT9383