Axial and In-Plane Motion Detected Before and After Correction for Respiration Motion*

Detected shift (mm)Shift after correction (mm)
1 STR−−3.40.0
1 RST0.7−−0.70.0
2 STR2.0−3.412.
2 RST−−3.42.0
3 STR0.0−−0.70.7
4 STR1.4−1.47.5−
5 STR−0.7−0.710.90.7−0.70.0
5 RST−2.70.712.
Average (absolute)
  • * Maximal in-plane (x, from right to left, and y, from anterior to posterior) and axial (z, feet to head) shifts are displayed before and after correction.

  • Average of absolute values.

  • STR = stress; RST = rest.