Characteristics of Patients with Major Findings

Patient no.Age (y)SexCT findingKnownOther imaging findings and prior historyFollow-up
181FDilated ascending aortaYesCT, TTE: aortic dilatationNo
251MMass in RLLNoCT: “consolidation” in RLL confirmed; possible early pneumonia; follow-up recommendedNo
348MInfiltrate in RLLNoCXR 1 d earlier: negativeNo
473FRight pulmonary nodule (Fig. 1)NoCXR/CT 18 mo later: mass in right lungAdenocarcinoma of right lung diagnosed 1.5 y later; patient underwent resection
Anterior mediastinal mass (Fig. 1)NoMediastinal cyst confirmed at time of surgery
570MDilated ascending aortaNoLater TTE: aortic dilatation confirmedNo
673MCoronary calcificationYesCoronary angiography 3 y earlier: coronary calcification/CADYes
778MPulmonary noduleNoCXR at same visit: negativeNo
858FPulmonary noduleNoCXR 2 y earlier: negativeNo
958FMass in RLL (Fig. 5)YesCT at same admission: mass in RLL confirmedNo
1081MPericardial effusion (Fig. 3)NoPrior CXR: small pleural effusion only; CT (and TTE) days later: large pericardial effusion (no tamponade), pleural effusion, and consolidation confirmed; TTE: “blood clot” within pericardial fluidPatient treated for congestive heart failure; anticoagulation stopped; follow-up imaging showed (near) resolution of findings
Large pleural effusion (Fig. 3)No
Consolidation/atelectasis (Fig. 3)No
1154MPulmonary infiltrate (Fig. 4)YesCXR 9 d earlier: RLL infiltrate (pneumonia)Patient treated with antibiotics; CXR 6 wk later: resolution of pneumonia
1252MCoronary calcificationYesAbnormal calcium score (CT)Patient later underwent coronary angiography and CABG
1377FCoronary calcificationNoNoneNo
1462MCoronary calcificationYesPatient has diagnosis of CADNo
Pulmonary noduleNoCXR 1 d earlier: negative; no CTNo
1549FBreast calcificationNoNoneNo
1655FPulmonary noduleNoCT and CXR 10 mo earlier: negativeCXR 11 mo later: negative; no follow-up CT
1757MCoronary calcificationNoMPI: ischemia in inferior wall; coronary angiography: calcified LAD, 3-vessel CADMedical management
1882MCoronary calcificationYesPatient has diagnosis of CAD; MPI: ischemiaMedical management
1947MRight pulmonary noduleYesCT 2 wk earlier: right pulmonary nodulesCXR 11 mo later: atelectasis (right); no follow-up CT
2083MCoronary calcification (Fig. 2)YesPatient has diagnosis of CADNo
2158FCoronary calcificationYesCT 8 mo earlier: coronary calcificationNo
  • TTE = transthoracic echocardiography; RLL = right lower lobe; CXR = chest radiograph; CABG = coronary artery bypass grafting; CAD = coronary artery disease; MPI = myocardial perfusion imaging; LAD = left anterior descending coronary artery.