Summary of PET/CT On-The-Job Training Requirements

TrainingBoard certificationNo. of PET/CT interpretations (supervised)*No. of CT interpretations (supervised)PET/CT CME creditsCT CME credits
Nuclear medicineABNM1505008100
Diagnostic radiology (recent CT)ABR15035
Nuclear radiology (recent CT)ABR1508
Radiology (recent CT)ABR and ABNM1508
Diagnostic radiology (no recent CT)ABR15050035100
  • * Supervision should be performed by qualified nuclear medicine physicians or diagnostic radiologists who have interpreted more than 500 PET/CT studies.

  • Supervision should be performed by qualified diagnostic radiologists as defined in American College of Radiology Practice Guidelines for Performing and Interpreting Diagnostic Computed Tomography. CT cases should include reasonable distribution of head and neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

  • Includes radiologists or nuclear radiologists with recent experience in body CT (100 body CT cases/y for preceding 5 y).

  • ABNM = American Board of Nuclear Medicine.