18F-FDG Radiation Dosimetry for Adults and Children

PatientIntravenously administered activity, MBq/kg (mCi/kg)Organ receiving the largest radiation dose, mGy/MBq (rads/mCi)Effective dose, mSv/MBq (rems/mCi)
Adult370–740 (10–20)Bladder, 0.16* (0.59)0.019 (0.070)
Child (5 y old)5.18–7.4 (0.14–0.20)Bladder, 0.32 (1.2)0.050 (0.18)
  • * Voiding interval, 3.5 h. Changes in bladder wall dose are approximately linear with changes in voiding interval; therefore, for a voiding interval of 2.0 h, dose to bladder wall would change by a factor of 2/3.5.

  • Voiding interval, 2.0 h.

  • Data are from International Commission on Radiological Protection. Radiation Dose to Patients from Radiopharmaceuticals. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier; 2000:49. ICRP publication 80.