Clinical Data

Patient no.Age (y)SexHistologic diagnosisLocationSize*ROISeizureMass effectEdema§Bacteria
167MAbscessR, T+7.2+++
253MAbscessR, T4.4+
362MAbscessL, P+5.2++
451MAbscessR, P+6.7+++
544MAbscessR, ganglia5.9+++
624MEmpyemaL, frontal+6.5+
750FDemyelinationL, frontal+1.9+++
862MHemorrhageR, frontal+8.2++
957MHemorrhageR, T+4.1++
1064MGBMR, frontal+4.3++
1145MAAR, T-P+7.8+
1253MGBMR, T+2.4+
1362MGBML, frontal+4.1+
1469MGBML, O+8.1++
  • * Plus sign indicates that maximal diameter of ring-enhancing lesion was >3 cm.

  • Values are size of ROI (cm2) placed on contrast-enhancing ring on MR image.

  • Plus sign indicates that patient presented with seizures as initial symptom.

  • Plus sign indicates that lesion was space occupying, with ventricular compression and midline shift.

  • § Plus sign indicates that extent of perifocal edema was >2 cm.

  • Plus sign indicates that bacteria were found in pus cultures.

  • R = right hemispheric; T = temporal; L = left hemispheric; P = parietal; GBM = glioblastoma multiforme WHO grade IV; AA = anaplastic astrocytoma WHO grade III; O = occipital.