Contribution of SPECT/CT to Diagnosis and Localization of Infection: Site-Based Analysis

ScintigraphyType of suspected infectionTotal no. sitesContributory SPECT/CT no. sitesP
GSOsteomyelitis3112 (39)NS*
Soft-tissue infection217 (33)NS*
Total5219 (36)NS*
WBCVascular graft infection3121 (68)NS*
Osteomyelitis157 (47)NS*
Total4628 (61)NS*
Total9847 (48)<0.05
  • * Comparison between different clinical indications for same scintigraphic method.

  • Comparison between GS and WBC.

  • NS = nonsignificant.

  • Numbers in parentheses are percentage of total number of sites with this indication.