Contribution of SPECT/CT to Diagnosis and Localization of Infection: Patient-Based Analysis

ScintigraphyClinical indicationTotal no. patientsContributory SPECT/CT no. patientsP
GSOsteomyelitis2110 (48)NS*
Soft-tissue infection133 (23)NS*
FUO134 (31)NS*
Total4717 (36)
WBCVascular graft infection2416 (67)NS*
Osteomyelitis116 (55)NS*
Total3522 (63)
Total8239 (48)<0.05
  • * Comparison between different clinical indications for same scintigraphic method.

  • Comparison between GS and WBC.

  • NS = nonsignificant.

  • Numbers in parentheses are percentage of total number of patients with this indication.