Survival After 186Re-HEDP Therapy

Patient no.Response to treatmentSurvival after diagnosis of metastatic disease (mo)Survival after last 186Re HEDP therapy (mo)Site of metastasesSubsequent therapyFollow-up
1Stable disease: biopsy negative21660LungNoneDisease-free
2Stable disease4810LungEBRTDied: perforated bowel
3Stable disease3610LungIfosfamide; palliative EBRT*Poor hematologic tolerance of oral etoposide given for palliation; died of gastrointestinal hemorrhage 3 mo after final 186Re-HEDP dose
4Stable disease481LungSupportive/EBRTPoor pain control; died at 6 mo
5Stable disease121LungSupportive/EBRTDied at 5 mo: progressive lung disease
6Stable disease362Scapula/sternum/thoracic spineSupportive/EBRTPoor pain control: died
7Lost to follow-upNANALungEBRTLost to follow-up at 3 mo
8Progressive disease4536Lung/femoral/iliac lymph nodesPalliative/EBRTDied at 1 mo of hepatic progression; platelets and white blood cells normal
9Pain relief at 2 sites but not at third by 1 mo124Lung/boneSupportive/EBRTDied of progressive disease 12 mo after first 186Re-HEDP dose
10Progressive disease9613LungPalliative EBRT 3 moDied
11Progressive disease365LungPalliative EBRT 2 moDied at 36 mo
12No pain relief206LungSupportive/EBRTDied at 24 mo
13Progressive disease302LungPalliative EBRT to 1 site at 1 moDied
  • * Profound thrombocytopenia with ifosfamide.

  • White blood cells and platelets too low for chemotherapy.