VISTA System

ItemParameterDescription or value
Detector modulesType of moduleDual-layer phoswich (front layer: LYSO; back layer: GSO)
Phoswich element dimensions1.45 mm × 1.45 mm × 7 mm for LYSO and 1.45 mm × 1.45 mm × 8 mm for GSO (total length: 15 mm)
Light decay timeLYSO: 40 ns; GSO: 60 ns
Phoswich element arrays13 × 13 (outside dimensions: 20 mm × 20 mm)
Phoswich pitch1.55 mm
PhototubesHamamatsu R8520-C12
SystemNo. of detector modules36 (2 rings of 18)
No. of phoswich elements6,084
Total no. of crystals12,168
Ring diameter11.8 cm
Gantry aperture8 cm
Axial field of view4.8 cm
Effective transaxial field of view6.7 cm
Normalization or transmission source68Ge annulus
Overall dimensions121 cm wide × 151 cm high × 82 cm deep
Estimated gantry weight∼200 kg
Power120 V alternating current, <20 A
DatasetsAcquisition mode3D only
Total no. of lines of response28.8 million
No. of 2D sinograms61
2D sinogram size175 spatial samples × 128 angles
2D dataset size5.2 megabytes