Clinical Characteristics of Patients

Patient no.Age (y)SexDisease duration (y)Onset symptoms/main symptoms at initial examinationMMSE scoreGroup*
179M4Naming difficulty/hoarding, wandering, excessive eating, indifferent to personal hygiene.23L
261F2Forgetfulness/shamelessness, urinary incontinence, reduced spontaneous speech, unable to stay still in one place, easily distracted, stupefied.16R
359M2.5Naming difficulty/stubbornness, hoarding, decreased spontaneous speech, abusive language, easily irritated, overeats, tendency to go outside, organizing objects in a straight line.12L
470F3Cause an estrangement among family members/overeats, uses abusive language, lies, excessive laughing, wasting money, becomes lazy, wanders about.18R
550F1Buy an unknown kid a soft-drink everyday/increased stubbornness, reduced spontaneous speech, unable to finish a task, became lazy, dull-witted, not exchange greetings, overeats.23R
668F3Memory impairment, decreased verbal output/walks up and down restlessly all day long, frequently laughs, touches objects around her, does not speak unless spoken to.1R
740F2Doubt of husband/unable to control emotions, abusive language, became shameless, naming difficulty, urinary incontinence, tendency to urinate anywhere, undresses herself on the streets.3L
858F3Inappropriate investment/caresses other people’s faces, repeats the same questions, excessive laughing, dull-witted, stubborn, steals object, wastes money.24L
952F3Indifferent to housework/wanders about in the house, goes to the bathroom too often, compulsively reads words or sentences on TV, frequent laughing, reduced spontaneous speech.2L
1058M2.5Smokes a cigarette butt/urinates anywhere, shameless and dull-witted, quarrels with customers (runs a shop), became lazy, stubborn, excessively frugal, takes remaining food from wedding ceremonies, overeating, wanders about the house.24B
1165F2Increased stubbornness/lacking in judgment, stubborn, became aggressive, became verbose, obsessive about money, abusive language, thoughtless remarks, laughs too often.0L
1266F2Steals/stinginess, asks her relatives for money, overeats, excessive laughing, hides her daughter’s underwear in her drawers, inserts his candy in a passerby’s mouth, hugs a stranger.23L
1358F2Character change, inappropriate judgment/dull-witted, likes free gifts, became lazy, overeats, wanders around downtown all day.28R
1451M3Decreased verbal output/fingers objects, goes in and out of the bathroom frequently, tendency to go outside, decrease of spontaneous speech, overeats.5L
1562F4Impairment in verbal expression/mistrust of others, object-naming difficulty, comprehension deficit, indifferent to others, loss of interest, obsessed with one task.NAL
1651M4Did not attend social meeting/overeats, frequently irritated, indifferent, inappropriate laughing, wanders about in the house, roams outside, unable to stay in one place, easily distracted.27L
1753M3Indifferent to family members/does not talk to others, tells jokes to strange women, collision accident while driving, inappropriate laughing, wandering outside all day long.22R
1841M1Nervous to nephews/reduced speech, avoids stepping on line while walking, became generous, likes sweets, became stubborn, frequent visits to the bathroom.12L
1966F1Talks and laughs loudly in public places/overeats, violent, impatient, wandering outside.20L
2073F4Opens and closes doors frequently, fumbles both hands/became generous, smiles frequently, progressive reduction of speech, urinary incontinence.4L
2141F5Indifferent to housework/apathy, indifference, careless housekeeping, urinary incontinence.23B
2241M1Decreased verbal output and inappropriate judgment/repetitive behaviors, abusive language, depressive mood.18B
2355F1.5Naming difficulty/naming deficit, laughs away mistakes, comprehension deficit, increased appetite.5L
2463F3Become fastidious/laughs often, stubborn, wandering, decreased spontaneous speech, reduced ability to concentrate.NAL
2558M4Memory impairment/short utterances, easily frustrated, dull-witted, shameless, steals objects, decreased concentration ability, became stubborn, overeats, wanders all day long.14R
2676F1.5Naming difficulty/loss of interest, became lazy, reduced spontaneous speech.18L
2760F1Verbal expression impairment/reduced spontaneous speech, loss of interest, depressive mood.26L
2857M2Repeat same word/comprehension difficulty, excessive purchase of cheap objects, excessive purchase of lottery tickets, stubborn, indifferent, apathy.16L
2974F1Forgetfulness/fingering objects, reads everything she sees, decreased spontaneous speech, urinary incontinence.25R
  • * According to AIROI, individual patients were classified into either left-dominant (hypometabolism more severe in the left hemisphere) (L), right-dominant (R), or bilateral group (B).

  • MMSE = Mini-Mental State Examination; NA = not available.