Patient Details

Patient no.SexAge (y)Primary TumorMIBG Treatment for …
1M49Carcinoid of small bowelLiver metastases
2F75Carcinoid of cecumLiver metastases
3M54Carcinoid of appendixLiver metastases
4F48Carcinoid of cecumLiver metastases
5M48Pulmonary carcinoidLiver metastases
6F56Carcinoid of ileumLiver metastases
7M63Carcinoid of small bowelLiver metastases
8M58Carcinoid of terminal ileumLiver metastases
9M61Unknown localizationLiver metastases
10M69Carcinoid of ileumLiver metastases
11F64Retroperitoneal carcinoidLiver metastases
12M44Inoperable carcinoid of pancreasPrimary tumor
13M58Inoperable carcinoid of pancreasPrimary tumor
14M61Carcinoid of mesenteric rootPrimary tumor
15M64Malignant retroperitoneal paragangliomaPrimary tumor
16M73Carcinoid of ileumRecurrence at mesenteric root
17F73Carcinoid of pancreasPrimary tumor