P Values for Comparisons of Survival Curves for Mice Treated with Unlabeled MN-14 or MN-14 Labeled with Equally Toxic Activity Doses of 186Re, 131I, 90Y, and 177Lu

Radionuclide (median survival time, in d)P value for:
Unlabeled MN-14186Re-MN-1490Y-MN-14131I-MN-14177Lu-MN-14
Unlabeled MN-14 (42)0.0002<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001
186Re-MN-14 (72)0.00020.110.00140.0012
90Y-MN-14 (82)<0.00010.110.100.02
131I-MN-14 (100)<0.00010.00140.100.36
177Lu-MN-14 (136)<0.00010.00120.020.36
  • P values were determined by use of log-rank test.