Correlations Between Blood Flow and 18F-FDG Kinetic Parameters Before and After Chemotherapy

ParameterBefore chemoP valueAfter chemoP valueBefore vs. after P value
Pearson correlation coefficient* (n = 34)
Flow and Ki0.340.050.76<0.0010.01
Flow and K10.62<0.0010.81<0.0010.11
Flow and k30.110.520.66<0.0010.01
Flow and Ki (PV corrected)<0.0010.09
Flow and K1 (PV corrected)0.56<0.0010.69<0.0010.40
Flow and k3 (PV corrected)0.170.340.47<0.010.18
Spearman’s ρ (n = 35)
Flow and Ki0.48<0.010.74<0.0010.09
Flow and K10.70<0.0010.82<0.0010.27
Flow and k30.180.310.71<0.001<0.01
Flow and Ki (PV corrected)<0.0010.49
Flow and K1 (PV corrected)0.48<0.0010.52<0.0010.83
Flow and k3 (PV corrected)0.090.450.42<0.0010.15
  • * Far outlier removed.

  • chemo = chemotherapy.