Impact of PET/CT on Management of Patients: Clinical Details

Patient no.DiagnosisPET/CT additional value*Lesion definition after PET/CTImpact and follow-up
1Lung cancer, treatment responseaVascular structureExclusion of cancer, NED on 7-mo follow-up
2Lung cancer, suspected recurrenceaVascular structureExclusion of cancer, NED on 7-mo follow-up
3Lung cancer, suspected recurrenceaVascular structureExclusion of cancer, NED on 7-mo follow-up
4Stomach cancer, suspected recurrenceaPhysiologic uptake in gastric lumenExclusion of cancer, NED on 7-mo follow-up
5Lung cancer, suspected recurrenceaVascular structureExclusion of hilar metastasis, radiotherapy of single bone metastasis
6Melanoma, stagingb, eThyroid lesionGuiding biopsy, benign nodule
7Lung cancer, stagingcLesion in ischiumGuiding biopsy, tendinitis
8Breast cancer, suspected recurrencebMediastinal LNGuiding mediastinoscopy, antracotic LN
9Colon cancer, suspected recurrencecLesion in colonGuiding colonoscopy and biopsy, recurrence
10SPN, diagnosiscLesion in colonGuiding biopsy, primary colon cancer and lung metastasis
11Colon cancer, suspected recurrenceb, eSupraclavicular LNGuiding biopsy, metastatic adenopathy
12Renal tumor, suspected recurrencebMass in pancreasGuiding biopsy, metastasis in pancreas
13SPN, diagnosisdLesion in lungGuiding curative surgery, bronchoalveolar cancer
14Colon cancer, suspected recurrencecAbdominal massGuiding surgery, omental metastases
15Colon cancer, suspected recurrencecParasplenic LNGuiding surgery, LN metastases
16Colon cancer, suspected recurrenceb, ePelvic LNGuiding surgery, LN metastases
17Recurrent colon cancer, restagingeHepatic lesionPlanning surgical approach, liver wedge resection
18Colon cancer, suspected recurrenceb, eMesenteric LNReferred to chemotherapy
19Colon cancer, suspected recurrenceb, eParailiac LNReferred to chemotherapy
20Recurrent ovary cancer, restagingb, eParasplenic LNReferred to chemotherapy, surgery canceled
21Recurrent lung cancer, restagingc, eLung lesionReferred to chemotherapy, surgery canceled
22Lung cancer, suspected recurrencec, eRetrocrural LNReferred to chemotherapy in addition to surgery and radiotherapy
23Lung cancer, suspected recurrenceb, eLesion in left iliumReferred to radiotherapy
24Lymphoma, treatment responsedNasopharynxReferred to radiotherapy
25Lung cancer, suspected recurrenceeMediastinal LNChange in radiation fields
26Bladder cancer, suspected recurrenceb, ePelvic LNChange in radiation fields
27Cervical cancer, stagingcRetroperitoneal LNChange in radiation fields
28Lung cancer, suspected recurrenceaVascular structureExclusion of additional malignant site, change in radiation fields
  • * PET/CT additional value: Categories by which PET/CT induced changes in image interpretation of suspected sites were classified as follows: a = characterization as definitely benign (exclusion of malignancy); b = characterization as definitely malignant; c = precise anatomic localization of malignant site; d = retrospective detection on PET; e = retrospective detection on high-resolution contrast-enhanced CT and on CT of PET/CT.

  • NED = no evidence of disease; LN = lymph node.