Muscle Uptake (SUVlean) Maximum With and Without Oral Contrast

MuscleSUVmax without oral contrastSUVmax with oral contrast2-tailed P test
Right mylohyoid3.893.550.52
Left mylohyoid3.53.590.85
Right cricoarytenoid2.363.63*0.03
Left cricoarytenoid2.043.120.07
Right strap muscle1.381.750.1
Left strap muscle1.211.63*0.01
  • * P < 0.05.

  • Two groups of patients were compared; the first 20 patients having received oral contrast and the last 20 patients imaged before oral contrast was introduced into routine clinical practice, excluding 2 patients with head and neck cancer, 1 with thyroid cancer, and 3 with previous neck irradiation.