Comparison of Overall Staging with PET and PET/CT: Discrepant Results

Patient no.Overall staging*Cause of incorrect staging
1IncorrectCorrectFN Porta-hepatis lymph node
2IncorrectIncorrectFP Postsurgical liver inflammation
4IncorrectIncorrectFP benign adrenal tumor (myelolipoma)
6IncorrectIncorrectFN Periportal lymph node
14CorrectIncorrectFN Peritoneal implants
21IncorrectCorrectFP Bowel activity
25IncorrectCorrectFN Liver mucinous metastasis
29IncorrectCorrectFP Degenerative spine changes
34IncorrectCorrectFN Bone metastasis misinterpreted as pelvic node
  • * Correct overall staging means that disease status of primary tumor/local recurrence, liver, intraabdominal/extrahepatic regions, and extrahepatic regions was correctly assessed. Incorrect overall staging means that any region was incorrectly assessed.

  • FN = false-negative; FP = false-positive.

  • Total of 36 patients had follow-up, pathologic proof, and correlative imaging allowing assessment of overall staging of disease.