Symbol Definitions

TTrue coincidence count rate (kcps)
SScattered coincidence count rate (kcps)
RRandom coincidence count rate (kcps)
PPrompt coincidence count rate, defined as P = T + S + R
DDelayed coincidence rate, defined as D = R
σsScatter fraction, defined as σs = S/(T + S)
SPSingle-photon count rate (Mcps)
NECNoise equivalent count rate (kcps)
AActivity concentration (kBq/mL) in phantom thoracic chamber
dMean tracer activity in patient at acquisition start (MBq)
cMean activity per weight d/w
ĉMean activity in patient normalized for patient morphology
αProportionality constant in SP = α · A (Eq. 1)
β and β̂Proportionality constant in SP = β · c and SP = β · ĉ (Eqs. 8 and 9)
wPatient weight (kg)
hPatient height (m)
BMIBody mass index, defined as BMI = w/h2