Patient Characteristics and Scintigraphic Results of Lateral Breast Imaging with P-123I-MBA

Patient no.Age (y)HistologyLocalizationTumor size (cm)P-123I-MBAT/B ratioEvaluation
160Invasive ductal carcinomaIEQ L3.0Positive2.23TP
263Invasive ductal carcinomaSEQ L3.2Positive1.36TP
376Invasive ductal carcinomaSEQ L5.5NegativeFN
482Invasive ductal carcinomaSEQ L2.5Positive2.31TP
573Invasive lobular carcinomaSEQ R2.4Positive2.75TP
677Invasive ductal carcinoma; fibrocystic diseaseSIQ R1.4Positive1.69TP
770Invasive ductal carcinomaSEQ R2.5Positive2.28TP
846Invasive ductal carcinomaSEQ R2.4Positive1.84TP
951Invasive lobular carcinoma; fibrocystic diseaseSIQ R4.0NegativeFN
1044Invasive ductal carcinomaIEQ L4.5Indeterminate
1163Invasive ductal carcinomaSEQ L4.0Positive1.80TP
  • T/B = tumor-to-background; IEQ = inferoexternal quadrant; TP = true-positive; SEQ = superoexternal quadrant; FN = false-negative; SIQ = superointernal quadrant; FP = false-positive; TN = true-negative.