Peak Counting Rates for NU 2-1994 and NU 2-2001 Standards

Acquisition modeStandardPeak NEC rate (kcps)Activity concentration at peak NEC (kBq/mL)Peak true rate (kcps)Activity concentration at peak trues (kBq/mL)
2D*NU 2-1994261152557267
2DNU 2-20011255818958
3DNU 2-19941462444953
3DNU 2-200119.27.1510919.7
  • * Data from (16).

  • Results were not at peak NEC or peak true rates because there was insufficient activity in source to measure these peak rates.

  • Data were acquired on GE Advance scanner. As point of reference, typical average activity concentration seen in clinical FDG study is 3–4 kBq/mL, for 370-MBq injection in 70-kg patient after 1-h uptake period.