Average Number of DOTA-Biotin Groups per Carrier Molecule and Conditions of Immunization

CarrierGroups per molecule (n)Biotin/protein (molar ratio)Dose of injection (mol × 10−9/kg)Type of injection
TOC1.0*42 (L)/420 (H)i.p.
ChiMov196.02.662.7 (L)/27 (H)i.p./i.p. or s.c.
Mov195.04.122.7 (L)/27 (H)i.p./i.p. or s.c.
*27 (H)i.p.
MGR6*27 (H)i.p.
Human serum albumin3.03.10
  • * Not biotinylated, because not used as target for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) or radioimmunoassay (RIA).

  • Not derivatized with DOTA; used to verify immunogenicity of carrier.

  • Not injected; used as target for ELISA and RIA.

  • L = low dose; H = high dose; i.p. = intraperitoneal; s.c. = subcutaneous.

  • Data for TOC are as reported by Paganelli et al. (4). TOC was used also in clinical study, from 50 to 84 mol × 10−9/kg.