Patients with Positive CI Findings

Patient no.SexAge (y)HPTStageTCD (GBq)TSH* on T4Tg on T4TSH* off T4Tg off T4CI findings (n)FDG PET results (n)HistopathologyFU TSH*FU Tg
1F70PT4III7.41.59501702,700Lung on CT (+)Lung (+)Positive (B)0.8  800 (Ext rad)
2M69PT4III7.42.11,8201105,100Lung on CT (+)Lung (+)Positive (B)0.242,200 (Ext rad)
3M60FCT4III7.40.64128148Lung on CT (1)Lung (2)Positive (S)0.11<0.6
4F63FCT4III14.8ND21>50100Doubtful on CTLung (+),  CLN (2)ND0.6  50 (Ext rad)
5F64HCT4III3.70.018691416,000Lung on CT (+)Lung (+),  MLN (1)Positive (B)<0.011,783
6M78PT4III7.40.1129>50176CLN on US,  MRI (1)CLN (3)Positive (S)NDDeceased
7M65HCT3IV7.40.053099128Bone on BS,  MRI (1)Bone (1)Positive (S)<0.050.5
8F45PT4III7.40.662.5>5015CLN on US,  CT (1)CLN (1)Positive (S)0.02<0.6
9M36PT2I11.10.22>50153CLN on US (1)NegativePositive (S)0.03<0.3
10M38PT4I7.4<0.15.2>5030CLN on US,  CT (1)CLN (2)Positive (S)0.5<0.3
  • *Data in mU/L.

  • Data in μg/L.

  • H = histology of thyroid carcinoma; PT = primary tumor stage; TCD = total cumulative dose; T4 = l-thyroxine; FU = follow-up; P = papillary carcinoma; + = multiple; B = biopsy; Ext rad = external radiation; FC = follicular carcinoma; S = surgery; ND = not done; CLN = cervical lymph node; HC = Hürthle-cell carcinoma; MLN = mediastinal lymph node; US = sonography; BS = bone scintigraphy.