Characteristics of Pregnant Patients with Observed Fetal Concentrations and Time-Integrated Activity

Patient no.Age (y)Weight (kg)Administered activity (MBq)Stage of gestationAverage observed concentration in fetus (kBq/mL)Volume (cm3)FractionTime-integrated activity (Bq-h/Bq)
13067.6583∼6 wk16.8124.1*00
22787.820018 wk1.9886.90.000860.0023
32267.133725 wk3.967170.00840.0223
43481.817428 wk2.315350.00710.0187
52788.622930 wk2.861,5730.01960.0518
63758.918123 wk2.565520.00780.0206
  • * Only diffusely increased uptake in uterus was seen. Patients 2 and 5 are same patient (scanned twice during pregnancy).