Uni- and Multivariable Analysis for Association of Changes in Various Parameters with OS

Univariable analysisMultivariable analysis
Change in…No. of patientsHR95% CIPHR95% CIP
Infiltration length per 10-mm increase, continuous1821.11.1–1.3<0.0001*1.21.1–1.3<0.0001*
AP per 20% increase, continuous1821.01.0––1.10.3
LDH per 20% increase, continuous1821.21.1–1.30.001*1.21.0–1.30.01*
Hemoglobin per 20% decrease, continuous1821.00.8–1.40.611.00.8–1.40.8
PSA per 20% increase, continuous1821.01.0–1.10.03*1.01.0–1.00.8
  • * Statistically significant.