AR Tumor Status, 18F-FDHT PET/CT, and Clinical Outcomes

Participant no.Lesions (n)AR statusArchival tissue location18F-FDHT SUVmax of hottest lesion at baselineChange in 18F-FDHT SUVmax from baseline to…Outcome
Week 6Week 12Best overall responseWeek of best overall responseWeek 24 response
32PositiveMetastasis1.4−20%−8%NonCR/nonPD12No CB
41Not assessed3.3−20%Off studyNonCR/nonPD6No CB
58PositiveMetastasis4.8−14%−22%PR12No CB
64PositiveMetastasis4.9−36%−35%SD12No CB
75PositivePrimary5.9−27%−48%SD12No CB
81NegativeMetastasis1.5+30%+56%PD12No CB
95Not assessed5.1+10%−20%PD12No CB
104NegativeMetastasis3.2−17%Off studyPD7No CB
115PositiveMetastasis3.4−31%−27%PD12No CB
  • *Received 18 mg of GTx-024; all others received 9 mg.

  • Baseline and week 6 scan only; patient 4 off study week 6 because of toxicity, patient 10 off study week 7 because of progression.

  • NonCR/nonPD = incomplete response but no PD for participants with nonmeasurable disease by RECIST 1.1; CR = complete response; PR = partial response; SD = stable disease.